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Gazprom claims Poland continues to buy Russian gas

Poland this week refused to pay rubles for gas supplies from Russia under the new measure. They officially declared that they no longer need Russian gas and will not buy it. But that’s not really the case

Koprijanov said.

After suspending direct delivery, Poland bought Russian gas. Now, however, from Germany, returning to Poland via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline in the opposite direction. The Gazprom spokesman added that the volume of gas in the opposite direction – about 30 million cubic meters per day – almost completely corresponds to the demand for gas in the contract with Gazprom, which was exported in the previous days.

Gazprom on Wednesday cut gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland’s PGNiG because neither of them had paid in rubles by the deadline.

According to the Russian Federal Customs Service, Russian gas supplies to Poland increased by 9.4% to 10.58 billion cubic meters last year, while gas supplies to Bulgaria doubled to 3.15 billion cubic meters. Poland uses about 20 billion cubic meters of gas annually. Warsaw said it had found a way to stop using Russian natural gas because it would buy LNG from the United States and Qatar, as well as import it from Norway.

Cover photo: Stringer / picture alliance via Getty Images

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