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GEMMA’s Charity Health and Adventure Sports Day

Welcome to GEMMA! I.

GEMMA’s Charity Health and Adventure Sports Day

On September 11, Kati Wolf, Viktor Weisz, Barnabás Rudner and Ences Armpit Gland will present the first day of the charity’s Health and Adventure Sports, hosted by the St.Gellert Forum. GEMMA’s free family event is set up and offers so many but so many great programs for young and old that it would be a shame to miss them!

Have you visited St. Gilert Forum before? If you haven’t already, this is a must! Welcome to GEMMA, where admission comes first! Everything happens here for the kids! This is why the first Charity Day for Health and Adventure Sports was created.

On September 11th, from 10am, visit the sports complex in Dorozsmai and spend an exciting and adventurous family day out and learn about the Gemma Center in Szeged – and at the same time its newest service, Development Hut.

The Healthy People Charity Program aims to raise social awareness among healthy and injured children. An excellent place for this is the Szent Gellért Forum, which was given free of charge to the GEMMA Center by the Diocese of Szeged-Csanád.

There will be everything here: experience, sports, adventure sports and fun! The whole family can play sports, such as ball games, big zorb ball, rodeo games, wild banana, soccer pool, rope running, mini lane, giant lego building game, shooting card, sumo, rainbow slide, minimal slip, Ninja obstacle course, mole chase, giant chase, giant dominoes are waiting for small and big family.

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From an adventurous day from 10am to 7pm, you can’t miss baby laughs too! He will help in this from 10.00 with the hour-long puppet show of the Barboncás company entitled Tiszavirág. Dance at 11 a.m.: The Tiszavirág Folk Dance Troupe will perform in 10 minutes, then at noon BroWn will perform the official anthem for the Gemma Center.

Many people’s favorite envious armpit glands take to stage at 2 p.m., and at 4 p.m., gold-throated singer Wolf Katie sings, “Love, why pass?” Starting at 6 pm, Victor Weiss will give a concert.

You can also miss the fundraising fund for the free event, as Family Day supports the GEMMA Center for Children in Need of Development.

Who knows, please help! After all, everything at GEMMA is for children!