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Genesis Seaborg 400 Steering Test – Gamepad, Disguised – Tools + Hardware

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What is the entry level into the simulation world?

6/8/2022 10:15 | from my city | Widgets + devices

Car racing – one of the oldest genres in the long history of video games. Of course, in recent decades, thanks to the development of technology, subgenres (arcade, simcade, simulation) have also developed beautifully here, which require various investments at the hardware level. An arcade game can be enjoyed on a screen with a gamepad (and I don’t want to downplay that), while a 3D display / ultra wide screen / VR headset with steering wheel doesn’t hurt to fully immerse the simulator. Well, there are also significant differences between government and government – it is no coincidence that experts give things (unfortunately) about (or more) a hundred thousand forints. It’s quite understandable that not everyone is willing to make such an investment if they just want to try – but what are they left with cheaper?

The Genesis Cyborg 400 With its pricing of around 40,000 forints, it looks promising, as an important parameter already appears in the technical specifications: the 900-degree steering angle. Most cheap governments are already bleeding here with their 180-270 degree disgust. Enough shuffle, but it’s hard to compete seriously… The headphone jack is an amazing plus – it’s an idea that could be taken over by another (more famous) manufacturer, because it’s so practical. The others, on the other hand, are actually standard: the two-pedal pedal assembly is mostly plastic (though its foldability is surprisingly practical), and the steering wheel is mostly plastic. It can be fixed to the table with rubber pads – this is enough, since the return force of the force in it is not steel. There’s nothing wrong with that, we don’t want to wrestle with the device (now :-)). And anyone who still feels a little about it can carry things on their desk with the screw locked into the box.

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Genesis Seaborg 400 steering test - gamepad, convincing

Another specialty of things is the wide range of compatibility: it works with practically all current consoles and of course computers. What I knew was what I tried – and I had a completely mixed experience. The first setback to things is that the pedals are on the same axle, so you can’t precisely play with the throttle and brake pedal. Well, this may be more annoying to the professionals, but everyone understands that there is some bullshit in the government movement as well. Yes, that’s when it turns out to me that it’s actually a gamepad, so it was introduced to everyone – and games are basically adapting to that. In this way, the linear guidance has been launched in many places, and there is a lot of feedback in the middle as well…

Sure, every game can be fine-tuned, but there are serious simulators (Efficiency helpAnd the Gran Turismo 7And the Forza Motorsport 7) is still behaving strangely. ACC cannot be managed on both PlayStation and PC Cyborg 400with. And another problem occurred on the Nintendo Switch: here it presents itself as a Pro console, and the cunning is certainly not comparable to that … WRC 10Accordingly, my kilometers were suffering at a competitive pace. And while it’s nice to reprogram the steering wheel and pedals to other buttons, unfortunately on the Nintendo platform, that doesn’t help either. If it was somehow possible to use the right analog lever pivots on the pedals on all platforms (it would be two axles anyway), then that problem would be solved too – and with the firmware update it should be easier to do. Genesis, let’s talk about this. 😉

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Genesis Seaborg 400 steering test - gamepad, convincing

Fortunately, there are not only simulators in the world, almost like around the simcade genre, the Genesis government can be used. The Crew 2az euro / American Truck SimulatorThe Forza Horizon 4/5 and the DriveClub They did a good job with her – of course it took a bit of opening up from me. The programmability of the buttons has proven surprisingly useful, especially when it comes to the pedals and shift tabs.

Well, it’s worth Genesis Cyborg 400Anyone new to invest in this type of motor racing? The answer is definitely probably… 😀 I’ll explain: it’s enough to make you feel good, but not enough for a one-time armchair to be more serious. ■

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