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Genoa: Shevchenko no longer coach – official

What happened was foreseeable: Genoa, knocked out of the Italian Serie A (Serie A), coach Andrei Shevchenko from the club’s leadership.


Andrey Shevchenko leaves early (Image: AFP)

Notify us on Tuesday That the administration of Genoa made it conditional on the result of the cup match on Thursday against Milan that He also spoke to the Polish national team Andrey Shevchenko Whether you can keep your position as head coach. Because the Genoese are in a stretch, though They were kidnapped 3-1 From Milan – so they pulled out of the Coppa Italia – the 45-year-old Ukrainian professional did not survive.

Saturday guard In her brief communications He announced his victory over Shevchenko and his staff, who won the Ballon d’Or in 2004 as a football player, and added that the former French defender had taken over the tasks of the interim administration, Abdullah Konko takes over.

a Gazzetta dello sport He wrote on Thursday that a possible successor is the former German coach of Hertha Bruno Labbadia And the person who else Pal Darday, The former ruler of Rome Rudy Garcia may be out.

Shevchenko, 45, who signed a contract with Genoa until early November 2024 in early November, has not been able to win any of the nine Guards Championships since his appointment (6 defeats, 3 draws). Ukraine’s only success is that Salernitana, who led in the league, was 1-0 outside the Coppa Italia.

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