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Gergely Karácsony used the bus lane again so he wouldn’t have to sit in a traffic jam for hours

It was sent to our editorial office by another angry reader Recently created video and proven again It’s relatively easy to get around Girgili Caraxone in the chaos of traffic jams, because his car is again using the bus route. After the previous scandal, his driver continued to use the Elizabeth Bridge bus lane without any problems. Pest residents can sit in their cars for hours in unbearable traffic jams, precisely because of cheerful Christmas resolutions, meaningless bike lanes or unplanned rides, but Gergely Karácsony solves this differently. Infrequently, in the bus lane, and it all turned out: regularly.

One of our readers sent a video to our editorial office, which was created recently and can be clearly seen as the mayor (She appeared several times in the pressThe car is constantly driving down the bus lane while the waiting car drivers are waiting to work on the bridge. Gergeli Karacconi, compared to the fact that he didn’t take responsibility even after the last long explanation, then He gave discipline to his driver, He’s in bus lane again.

In addition to causing traffic chaos in the capital, her actions still show a reluctance to comply with traffic regulations and shorten excruciatingly long journey times in the bus lane.

He had never remembered using the bus lane before

He gave a great explanation before Mayor Girgili Kara on the video provided by Origo, which shows his utility vehicle driving the bus route.

I didn’t remember it, I hope it won’t happen again

– This is how Gergeli Caracsonni reacted to a question by Mediaworks news center if the bus lane had been used with his service car multiple times for the purpose of default. The mayor then described his driver’s offense as outrageous and also revealed that the motorist was ashamed of his actions.

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He also said he “didn’t remember” driving down the bus aisle when he was awake, but didn’t rule it out.

I don’t remember driving down a bus lane when I was awake, I wouldn’t completely rule it out anyway.

Then the silly explanation continued, adding that he hoped his driver wouldn’t do it to the pitstop, but if it did, he’d talk to him.

Although Christmas eventually calls his driver a scapegoat for driving him down a bus lane, the driver receives instructions from his boss, Gergeli Christmas. In the end, he gave discipline to his driver to escape responsibility himself.

Christmas car parked in a broken place recently

Girgili Christmas service car last Friday morning Parked at Zsigmond Móricz Square. This was mentioned by Daniel Bohar, Beastie TV reporter, who wrote it

The mayor showed up at a campaign event, but it was late, so his driver stopped infrequently.

about the case A video recording has been sent to the editorial board by the Ripost reader, Demonstrates how a Gergely Karácsony service car is parked irregularly in a handicapped parking lot.

According to the message attached to the video, the recording was made in mid-July last year, on Pesti t. Gergeli Karacconi came here with his service car due to the campaign event, and

So that the mayor did not have to walk as little as possible to the podium, his driver stopped in a parking lot near the event.

In addition, after the mayor left, the driver did not stop, but remained there:

The car has been stopped irregularly over the next half or two hours.

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Who can use the bus lane under current regulations?

  • (8) In the bus lane
  • (a) A scheduled bus and trolleybus, a tram and a wagon for transporting municipal waste between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.;
  • (b) Without prejudice to the traffic of buses and coaches
  • (b) If the bus lane is marked on the right side of the road in the direction of travel, if there is an indication of this effect (Fig. 117/c) the cyclist,
  • (bb) Equipped with a device to distinguish between fixed modes of operation according to specific legislation
  • (bba) an emergency care vehicle,
  • (BBB) ​​A vehicle equipped for direct on-site intervention for professional emergency services, firefighters and fire brigades,
  • (BBC) A vehicle for direct on-site intervention by the police and police law enforcement services,
  • b) an ambulance,
  • b) personal taxis,
  • (have) two-wheeled motorcycles and two-wheeled scooters,
  • b) in the case of international sporting events of the International Sports Federation, the umbrella organization of the world of international sport, temporary use of the bus route during and in connection with the time of the international sporting event, the contents of the document relating to the use and the conditions for its issuance, in accordance with the provisions of the individual decision of the Government. No other vehicle may drive on this lane, except when crossing the lane and preparing to turn. In the event that there is a bus lane, the regular bus and the trolleybus may not travel on this lane except in the case of turning and turning.

According to the latest recording, Gergeli Karaxone did not learn from the latter case and used the bus route again. As a left-wing politician, he supposedly believes that rules and laws do not apply to him.

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