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German Health Minister: Vaccination and testing are not enough to break the third wave

The Federal Minister of Health in Berlin said on Thursday that the vaccination campaign and testing are not sufficient to break the third wave of the new type of the Corona virus epidemic in Germany, so additional restrictions must be imposed.

Jens Span With the President of the Robert Koch Institute of Public Health (RKI), Lothar cycling riot In his briefing, MTI stated that more restrictions are needed to prevent an increase in the burden on the healthcare system.

He explained that the number of new infections recorded every day is “very high and continues to rise” and that the situation in the intensive care units is “critical.” The number of people in need of intensive care due to the disease caused by SARS-Cov-2 has exceeded five thousand and may rise to six thousand by the end of the month, surpassing the 5,762 registered at the height of the second wave, so action must be taken as soon as possible.

In this difficult situation, every day counts, and what we miss now will take revenge in two or three weeks, just as missed decisions will take revenge in two or three weeks.

The minister said, referring to the controversy surrounding the introduction of the so-called emergency brake system.

Regarding the position of provincial governments, which have refrained from launching the system despite federal government pressure, he indicated that no one should wait for parliament to adopt a law at the federal level that makes the introduction of rules at the national level. He explained that the most important thing is to further reduce the number of contacts and contacts at the risk of infection, so it is necessary to impose a curfew at night and at night, because the virus often spreads in private gatherings.

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He also said, the network of stations to take the free SARS-CoV-2 test is already 15,000 points nationwide, and the vaccination campaign has accelerated, with the number of vaccinations administered each day typically in the 500-700,000 range. However, all this is not enough to stop the massive and explosive increase in the number of new infections recorded daily.

Therefore, you must first take back control of the spread of the virus with additional restrictions, then start to relax the rules based on the test.

Jens Spahn explained.

At the same time, he stressed, he is convinced that he will be able to take a released leave in the summer and that the vaccination campaign will end in the third quarter from July to September.

Lothar Wheeler emphasized, among other things, that strengthening the defenses, in addition to the “dramatic” situation that characterizes many hospitals, is also necessary because Covid-19 will not go away soon in many cases. The expert pointed out that the so-called long-term Covid disease, which is a group of complaints that lasts for a longer period after the infection stops, affects a large proportion of those infected, ten percent.