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German neo-Nazis had marched to the Polish border

More than fifty armed members of the far-right group wanted to prevent migrants from crossing.

German police have prevented more than 50 members of a far-right group – armed with pepper spray, spears, machetes and rubber sticks – from marching on the Polish border to prevent migrants from crossing. The group is supposed to support a far-right party called the Third Way, which is suspected of belonging to neo-Nazi groups. The party called on its members to take action against border violators, as these cases have multiplied since last August.

The police seized weapons on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

The group was forced to leave the area near the town of Jubin. The far-right parade was opposed. Participants said they did not want to entrust the area to neo-Nazis, but rather wanted to set an example that asylum is and will remain a human right.

Germany has ordered an additional 800 police officers to go to the Polish border to check on migrants trying to enter the European Union from Belarus. This year, more than six thousand people entered Germany without permission from Belarus and Poland. There are no plans to close the Polish border, but controls may be reimposed.

(Illustration of our photo. Police water cannons in front of the Neisseblick Hotel building in Ausstritz, Germany on April 20, 2018. More than a thousand German, Polish and Czech neo-Nazis gather in the city to celebrate Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s birthday in Austria with a Shield and Sword Festival. Austrian Hitler was born in am Inn on April 20, 1889. MTI/EPA/Martin Divisek)