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German Super Cup: Leipzig – Bayern Munich – NSO

RB Leipzig, which employs Peter Gulacci, Willy Urban and Dominic Zubuszlai, won the German Cup in May against Roland Sly team, Freiburg, thereby claiming the first major trophy in the club’s history. Since the Super Cup is traditionally held at the home of the cup winner, Leipzig will host record champion Bayern Munich today. Stay with us, follow our live broadcast minute by minute, share your opinion and comment on the events!

German Super Cup

RB Leipzig – Bayern Munich 1-4 (0-3) (Television: Arena 4) – Live on NSO!
Red Bull Arena. conducted by: Robert Schroeder.
RB Leipzig: Galaxy – Simacan, Urban, Halstenberg – Klostermann, Laimer, Campbell (Olmo, 52), Henriks – Zubuszlai, Forsberg (Andre Silva, 52) – Nkunku. Coach: Domenico Tedesco.
Bayern Munich: Neuer – Pavard, Upamecano, L. Hernández, Davies – Kimmich, Sabitzer – T. Müller (Gravenbrich, 68), Musiala (Coman, 60) – Gnabry, Mané. Coach: Julian Nagelsmann.
scorer: Halstenberg (59), or Musiala (14), Mane (31), Pavard (45), Gnabry (66)

minute by minute

the other half

68th minute: Replaced by Bayern Munich, Müller instead of Grafenberg continue to play.

66th minute: Jowal! Here’s the fourth! Bayern’s attack is excellent and quick carried out on the field, Coman started Muller, who entered the ball into the penalty area, and hit it, but Gulaxi bravely saved, but the rebounding ball was from Klostermann. Janabry Advance in front of him who shot from under the crossbar with great force from a distance of 7 meters. 1-4

64th minute: Kimish Criticize Andre Silva, I got a yellow card for that.

60th minute: Musyala While that come on I stopped.

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59th minute: GOOOOO! Left corner for Nkonko Halstenburg I headed him from a distance of 6 meters and the bent head fell into the upper right corner. It’s as if Noir has overlooked it a bit. 1-3

56th minute: A goal! Szobozla After the left corner Andre Silva Header from 7 meters to the crossbar. Noir I just looked.

52nd minute: Leipzig changed two, Campbell While that Olmo, Forsberg While that Andre Silva receipt.

Fiftieth minute: Munich players are messing around, the host team hasn’t been able to switch yet, and the match is taking place in their area as in the first half.

46th minute: The second half has begun.

The joy of Sadio Mane’s goal (Photo: AFP)

first half

45 + 1. min: the end of the first half, the fate of the Super Cup may be decided … 0-3

45th minute: GOOOOO! She followed corner kick after corner, and at the end of a perfect move, she ended up becoming a goal. Leipzig’s players got lost with difficulty, Musyala and Müller forced each other, then Musyala sprinted into the middle, where she was left empty Pavard Screenshot from center to bottom right. 0 to 3

44th minute: Sabitzer Shot it from a distance, the ball rebounded on the back of one of the defenders.

42nd minute: The first half is almost over, but Leipzig have managed only one shot so far. But now it’s time Szobozla the angle that Henrich Back and finally the ball all the way goulash I got…

Minute 41: Kampl He started on the right wing Klostermann, World Health Organization to Szoboszlai But the Hungarian player was breached inside the penalty area.

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37th minute: free kick Sabitzer Kick him into the queue wall.

Thirty-sixth minute: Musyala won the ball in the half field, started forward, the defenders couldn’t handle it properly, at the end Simakan He crossed it for a distance of 24 yellow meters from the Leipzig gate.

31st minute: GOOOOO! The second is in. Gnabry received a wonderful kick from Musyala for offside, mani Follow the movement in the middle and hit the net easily from the five-point line. 0 to 2

Forsberg’s hair is swaying, the fight is so great (Photo: AFP)

Twenty-fourth minute: The picture of the match has not changed, Bayern still plays in the upper hand, attacking the home team, as Liverpool did recently in a friendly match in Leipzig.

16th minute: Nkunko He shot it in the net, but was prevented for offside. The situation was very clear…

Fourteenth minute: GOOOOO! Bayern leads! After the right corner, Leipzig seemed to be released, but Laimer saved for a short time, Musical He hit the ball, drove it a little, then shot from a distance of 14 metres, a little to the right, between the legs and into the center of the goal. 0 to 1

Thirteenth minute: Muller Excellent pass to his right hand I found it Kimmich From inside the penalty area, he continued to pass excellently, but the defenders put him in a corner kick.

Tenth minute: Heinrich He reached the shooting position 19 meters from the German goal, but his shot was forgotten.

The ninth minute: Nothing came from the corner. but Simakan On the ground, which the audience took very poorly. The judge did not say anything.

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Eighth minute: Neuer Wrong door, Nkunko He touched the ball, but in the end had to settle for a corner kick.

Sixth minute: Kimmich The ball skated a dangerous free kick in front of the goal Urban On his head, then mani He missed her goal.

3 minutes: At the moment, Bayern is more offensive, Leipzig retreated to its own half.

The first minute: The match started, Leipzig plays in pure white, and Bayern plays in pure red.

Before the meeting, they remembered the recently deceased German legend, Uwe Seeler, who was crowned 72 times.


Willie Urban told the trade magazine Kicker that winning the cup would be an icing on them. He added that the departure of Robert Lewandowski, who moved to FC Barcelona, ​​does not make things easier for the Leipzig team. As he explained, Bayern Munich was unexpected due to the speed of the footballers around Lewandowski, and this has not changed with the departure of the Polish striker.

“It is better not to give the ball to the new Bayern Munich player, Sadio Mane, and if he gets the ball, you should not give him time and time. Sadio is strong, fast, agile and highly technical. For us, the goal is to slow him down together”- The 29-year-old defender explained the German Cup-winning RB Leipzig player.