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Get rid of old icons in Windows 10

Many of them were designed by graphic artists in the Windows 95 days.

Over the past two decades or two, Microsoft has updated icons used in Windows several times, however, its graphics usually only deal with those that were already in use on various interfaces of the operating system. This way, if you want to change the icon of a program or folder, you will encounter very amazing Methuselahs in the browser window, and there are also icons in the reference dating back to the time of Windows 95.

Much of the Methuselah icons will be upgraded in the fall of Windows 10 by Microsoft GraphicsSource: Windows Latest

The major release of Windows 10 has been released this fall They can handle those Microsoft officials have upgraded to take advantage of the identified code in the latest openly testable alpha version, although outdated items remain. It is unclear whether the remnants will be replaced by graphic artists or left to their fate once again by doing half-time work until the release of the major version.

Fall Windows 10 promises to be particularly interesting as Microsoft will drastically revamp the OS’s graphical interface. So far, very little has been said about the renovation project codenamed Sun Valley, but there’s a good chance we won’t have to wait long for the unveiling of the new robe, and it will likely take place May 25-27. The cover may fall off the updated look of Microsoft BUILD 2021 in.

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