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Ghost Cut Out Tsushima

One of last summer’s biggest games was Ghost of Tsushima – and now it’s got its first paid sequel to the show. Let’s see what the new island and PS5 version will bring!

spirit of tsushima

From the point of view of this article, we can distinguish two types of people: one has become closer to Ghost of Tsushima since last summer and likely played a samurai action game, or has experimented with multiplayer options that were later added to the program – and the other type was avoided by Suck game. This page is mainly for the latter group – if you’re only interested in what’s new in the director’s release, feel free to skip to the next page.

Who is the spirit of Tsushima, and what adventures will we have after following him? The game deals with a historical event, of course in a way that does not correspond at all to history. In any case, it reflects the fact that we are in the year 1274, when the Mongols first tried to conquer the Japanese islands. The first battle took place on the island of Tsushima, and the second was fought by the armies on a piece of land called Iki – and although the two battles ended in the complete destruction of Japanese forces in reality, we are in the game after a bitter start. Of course you have the opportunity to respond.


Ghost of Tsushima’s closest relative is probably Assassin’s Creed, although there are some very important differences between the programs, even after there are no recent parts here. So it is an open world action game in which we control Jin Sakai, the young head of a smaller noble house on an island occupied by Mughals. Important castles and ports are dominated by our opponents, but local knowledge and, of course, the unbreakable spirit of the samurai will sooner or later lead to results – Jin finds more and more allies, liberates more and more island settlements, and of course becomes more and more skilled in combat. In addition to simple bloodshed, the campaign also raises ethical issues: for Jane, the path to victory often leads to breaking his personal code of conduct, sometimes throwing it into a corner. Sometimes this leads to really interesting situations and real drama, but there are also a lot of clich├ęs and expected twists and turns in the story – it seems that Hollywood was the model for the book and not real historical events.

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After the annoying streak opening hour, the game opens up really well, and once you get your hook and learn the different combat settings as well, the combat system becomes distinctly fun. Every familiar element from Japanese history (or more realistically: samurai movies) pays homage to the game, whether it’s sudden vibrations ending in decapitation, climbing on steep roofs, or just the cunning use of throwing daggers and arrows. The combat system creates more exciting situations than the grueling Assassin’s Creed II, but there’s no need to fear (or hope) that we’ll have the lightning-fast and brutal, deadly Sekiro battles in Ghost of Tsushima. The developers managed to find a compromise, that’s right, depending on personal taste, how much one considers this “golden”.


The greatest strength of Ghost of Tsushima lies in the transmission – almost every frame looks magical. The developers have been able to count on millions of movies, boards, and manga, and almost all of them appear within at least 30 hours of playback. We guide Jane through the vortex clearing of fallen red leaves during his childhood exercises, visit carved hillside havens, climb an ancient path under waterfalls, and a swaying fox leads us into the mystery of the depths of a bamboo forest amidst the song of cicadas – every moment fits a painting! Display graphics (with Kurosawa’s optional black and white mode!), great music, and high-quality English and Japanese dubbing are all included in the game. The side quests associated with the VIPs are fun, while the other side-by-side content will only captivate the extremes with their monotony. So the Japanese aesthetics were totally taken over, and the game packed with it was fun too – even if it wasn’t as amazingly good as some of the other PS4 exclusives.

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