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The British are negotiating with 6 companies.

Britain is in talks with six companies to build gig factories for electric car batteries financial times Referring to people familiar with the negotiations.

According to the report, Ford, Nissan, LG and Samsung as well as Britishvolt and InoBat Auto are in talks with the British government or local authorities about potential plant locations and financial support.

a Reuters It stated that the British government is set to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 and hybrids by 2035. This will require the country’s car factories to switch to producing electric models.

A UK Business Department spokesperson told France Télécom that the government is “committed to the giant factories and will continue to work closely with investors and car manufacturers to advance plans for mass battery production in the UK”. So far, 38 gigawatt stations are planned across Europe, according to transport and environment group Green Lobby Group, with the Britishvolt project only revealed so far in the UK.

In the early stages of negotiations with the British government, Ford indicated that it was looking into the possibility of producing batteries in the UK. The products will then be shipped to Turkey for use in the planned electric version of the Transit truck. On the other hand, it depends on energy costs whether Nissan is in talks with the British government to build a battery plant in its Sunderland plant complex. LG and Samsung are still in the early stages of negotiations. The newspaper added that the companies are likely to decide the investments only if they reach an agreement with the major automakers.

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