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Giorgi Korda and Clary Ballaz had a serious traffic accident

The singer flew out of the road with his car, and Clary Palaz also sat next to him.

After a performance, head towards Balári Klári and Korda György Budapest at dawn. The car was being driven by the singer, and there wasn’t much congestion on the two-lane road when their car collided with a vehicle moving much slower than them. Korda revealed the pointer and then began to overtake, however, when they reached the car in front of them, they noticed that the road was taking a sharp turn, and an oncoming car also appeared. With little time left for rectification, György Korda snatched the government.

To this day, we don’t know if we can swim with just our own skin. The last thing I remember is pulling the government away so we don’t clash in front of us. Then all I remember is that the car is parked in a sunflower field and everything is smoking. ” pepperSon.

Source: MTI / Koszticsák Solid

“It’s almost unbelievable, but behind the car that almost hit us there was an ambulance, which stopped normally, and they were immediately able to check us to see if everything was fine with us. I’ve been more careful since the accident. Or “So, we no longer do. Clary has been driving for 42 years, never having had an accident, and I only sit behind the wheel on very special occasions.”

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