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Giorgi Matulci: A healthy lifestyle has become more important

Gyorgy Matulci, Governor of Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), summarized the long-term consequences of the shocking effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in his article on the Magyar Nemzet website. It concludes that the epidemic has accelerated in a number of earlier processes that began after 2000 and that the region is expected to transform by 2030.

According to the author, who by the way sees that we are in the fourth wave of the epidemic, “the long-term consequences that will significantly reshape our operations are already visible.”

György Matolcsy points out, among other things, that

Security value has been enhanced in all areas,

Health and a healthy lifestyle are becoming more and more important, and the age of tough and tough decisions has come, with those who made the toughest personal decisions – changing careers, changing lifestyles, changing mindsets – and those who haven’t yet.

One of the winners in crisis and pandemic management is digital transformation, which has won a decade and created a new business sector: the pandemic has led to the creation of a number of new online service companies, and the reorganization of the business sector has begun in Hungary, notes the head of the Central Bank.

In his writing, he also draws attention to the appreciation of technology companies and the promotion of the idea of ​​long-term sustainability and the transition to a sustainable economy. The idea of ​​sustainability has become a leading aspect of employment, fiscal balance, growth, inflation, and global/regional/domestic trade.

“In terms of thinking and technological development, we have leaped forward by 2030, and we just have to catch up with our decisions,” said the central bank governor.

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Opening photo: MTI / Szigetváry Zsolt