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Girl’s face! FIFA 21 will soon be included in Game Pass and EA Play shows

Today, EA has brought great news for virtual soccer fans: FIFA 21 will be added to EA Play next week, May 6, 2021, and since this service is part of Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass, respectively. Access to the soccer game. Since EA Play is available on both PlayStation consoles and PCs, hardly anyone will be left out (well, Switch owners do, but they have had to move to the Legacy edition so far).

It’s a somewhat unusual move from EA, as the current episode of the soccer game isn’t showing on Play so quickly. This way you can pay the game for a fraction of the total price (EA Play is HUF 990 per month, Game Pass Ultimate is only HUF 300 for new subscribers in the first month), but it’s not like it generates the most revenue from the game … A leak of an internal EA document a couple of days ago, also showed that the most important thing for the company is its online FUT game mode, where players spend a lot of money. From this point of view, the Game Pass debut also looks like a good deal, and as Microsoft revealed, service subscribers tend to spend on microtransactions. Of course, it will be beneficial to Microsoft as well, since FIFA is a huge attraction, so they can train more subscribers, which already exceeded 23 million subscribers in April of this year.

Microsoft is now pushing the game card and utility cart a lot anyway: while the subscription game offering is constantly expanding, the xCloude solution has already entered the beta phase on iOS, but the Gold subscription is no longer required to play for free titles.

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