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Giroud: The start of the Tour de France in Hungary is possible

David Lapartente, president of the International Cycling Union (UCI), considers the start of the Tour de France in Hungary a feasible future, the Hungarian Telegraph Office wrote.

David LaPartient says the Tour de France begins in Hungary (Image: AFP)

During his visit to Budapest three years ago, the first man of the UCI coined it this way: the powerful Hungarian cycling nation. LaPartint, who is visiting the Giro d’Italia Great Start in Hungary, confirmed in an exclusive interview with MTI: It’s even more so today. As he said, infrastructure developments – including new velodromes – excellent results such as Fez Cata Blanca’s fourth Olympic position in mountain bike or Walter Attila’s three-day in pink jersey at Girón last year show encouraging progress.

“Cycling is not only a sport, but a way of life as well. I am very optimistic about his future in Hungary.” said the French sports director.

He said that during negotiations with the Hungarian Cycling Federation (MKSZ), the possibility of organizing various international events, such as the World Cup or even the World Championships in Hungary, such as BMX freestyle in three or four years, was discussed. He also referred to the track planned for Debrecen, which he believes could affect cycling in the entire area.

Lappartient, who watched the first two stages of the Giro in Hungary, said: “We finally got this far, it was important for cycling and for Hungary and Budapest and for Giroud himself.”

He answered in the affirmative to the question of whether he considered it possible to bring the start of the Tour de France to Hungary.

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“With the French circuit starting in Copenhagen this year, there is an opportunity for Hungary to host it later. As far as I know, there are already applicants for the next foreign starts, but as the example of Giro Grande Partenza shows, the grand departure could even be here in 2026, 2030 or later” .

“It gives me great pleasure that two years later than originally planned, the Giro d’Italia in Hungary is getting started with an event with an excellent atmosphere like the team show that took place on Wednesday at Pink Heroes Square. The competition gives so much to the country, as it is a great way to promote cycling.” he added Enrico Della Casa, President of the European Union (UEC).

He emphasized that MKSZ seems to be well organized and very active in various disciplines, and the results of the competitors are better year after year, which makes children feel comfortable in this sport.