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Glenn Close, 74, stole the show at this year’s Oscars: Fans Love Dancing – World Star

The Oscars are the event of the year in Hollywood, in previous years the concert saw a huge show, usually award-nominated musicians had fun with the crowd, and there was a presenter every year who made good jokes. Like last year, this year there was no person to conduct the award ceremony.

Also, due to the pandemic, there may have been a lot fewer celebrities out there at the film celebration this year, which makes this year a more conservative celebration. The organizers, of course, tried to smuggle some fun into the show, and in the end, Glories of Laurel was nominated for an Academy Award. Glenn Close Arata Lu.

Glenn Close danced like this at the Oscars 2021

Towards the end of the award ceremony, the stars present at the event had to determine what kind of music the DJ was playing, and they also had to determine if that song had an Academy Award, if it was nominated at the awards ceremony. Not at all, or not. The legendary actress also participated in the play. When asked, the 1988 film Da Butt – The Bottom in Hungarian – performed by UEFA was one of the elements included in Suli Fever. Close finally showed off his dance skills, you can see the moment about that in the video linked below.

The academy posted a few-second gif of dancing on Twitter, with many fans explaining how much they liked the actress’s pull: “Glenn Close has an adorable, spontaneous personality and classy attitude, which makes him fun at any moment. Just that. Let the show be the Glen Close Show! “This was undoubtedly one of the Oscars’s best moments!” “This is the most amazing thing I have seen at this awards ceremony!” The Academy page on Twitter wrote: “This short performance launched my evening.”

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Many noticed that they regretted the actress, as she was nominated for an Oscar eight times in her career, but she has not taken the golden statue home yet: “Give her an Oscar, she deserves it!” Grate her recognition because she deserves it! They said, “Shame on you! He himself should have won.”

Photo: Handout / Getty Images Hungary

In 1983, according to Garp, he was nominated for the most prestigious film award for his portrayal in the world, in 1984 The Great Shiver, in 1985 The Great Talent, in 1988 The Fatal Attraction, in 1989 Dangerous Relationships, in 2012 Albert was nominated Nobus, in 2019 Behind the Man, and this year’s Rural Ballad on the American Dream. Ultimately, he didn’t win either way.

On the contrary, he has three Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and three Tony Awards, all he needs is an Oscar to join the most elite club in the entertainment world, called EGOT, artists such as John Legend, Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn or Mel Brooks have succeeded in Acquire all four major trophies.

There are a total of 16 on the list right now, and we’re pushing for Glenn Close to be among them next year. In 2021, two films will be released, Swan Song and Sunset Boulevard.

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