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God Akbarat shouted and cut the throat of a policeman at a police station in Paris with a Tunisian immigrant.

A Tunisian man has been sentenced to death by a Tunisian man in the Paris suburb of Rambouillet. The police shot the attacker. According to press reports, the police are investigating a terrorist attack. According to the latest news, the Tunisian immigrant was shouting God is great when he cut the throat of the policewoman. We are constantly updating our articles!

The man had been taken to the police before, so LCI news TV knows he is a suspect in some cases. BFM News reported the death toll from a Tunisian immigrant who had his throat cut. According to Le Figaro newspaper, the Tunisian man went to the police, so he was not a suspect, and they wrote this citing their police acquaintance. If everything was correct, then the man simply went to the police to be killed.

The police have sealed off the area around the Rambouillet police stationSource: AFP / Bertrand Guay

All that is known about the killer is that he arrived in France in 2009, and he is a Tunisian citizen, and it is not yet known if he had a residence permit at all. Sure enough, he was not a registered person with suspected involvement in terrorism.

The French media reported conflicting details about the details, but this is understandable in the sense that the French Ministry of the Interior is never in a hurry to provide information when it comes to a murder linked to a crime linked to terrorism. Le Parisien, for example, knows it is not certain that the 36-year-old Tunisian man found his private documents in the killer’s pocket. On the other hand, if he already has his own documents and does not have stolen papers, the immigrant is said to have been granted a residence permit for two years.

Source: AFP / Bertrand Guay

According to BFM news TV, the murdered policewoman was 49 years old and had two young children. He had just returned from his rest, and the police officer had met the killer in his front yard surrounded by glass, who had also entered the front yard at the time. Conditional cut throat on the spot.

According to the international news agency V4NA, the attack is being treated as a minor murder, and the Anti-Terrorism Department has not yet appeared on the outskirts of Paris. Five hours later, according to V4NA’s information, anti-terrorist appeared in Rambouillet, and one of their officers said they would treat the killing as a terrorist attack.

According to Le Figaro newspaper, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin will also be on site. They arrived shortly after half past five. President Macron is seated on a plane returning from Chad, at the funeral of the assassinated Chadian President. Jan Castex sent the usual messages on Twitter, describing the policewoman as the heroine, but avoiding the term terrorist attack.

According to Les valeurs actuelles weekly, Allahu Akbar was howled by the Tunisian man before cutting the policewoman’s throat. By the way, they know – there are no essential details of course – that the policewoman had just left the police station when the man attacked her in front.

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