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Godspeed Mika and Dobman

Godspeed Mika and Dobman

Majka and Dopeman made music together after the zd hero escaped from the walls of the real world. At first it seemed like they were on the same page, but the joint business ended in a fight. The two rappers calmed down over time, and neither of them said bad things about the other anymore.

Majka was a guest on Zsolt Osváth’s ZSHOWtime show, where she discussed, among other things, the shape of her relationship with her former musical partner.

We train together! “Hi Lacey, hi Betty,” we exchanged two words, and that was it. We’d rather not be. I think time has fixed that between us. But I don’t think we’ll have dinner together. I didn’t leave him, we broke up. It wasn’t like I was letting him go. It’s just that I don’t go to perform with them on certain days when they’re Saturdays. I would go on Friday, Thursday and Sunday, but of course Saturday is the day of the premiere, when most of the parties are held, and it would have affected him greatly financially if I could not go, because he was invited to many places because I was there too. This led to a little fight that ended after discussion where we got along so I wouldn’t have to perform on Friday, Thursday, or Sunday, and everyone went their separate ways. That’s the story of this,” the rapper explained.

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the eyelash I called Dobman, he’s not mad at Majka either.

Since our troubles, I’ve met Majka a few times. We go to the same place to train, we’ve already talked. I don’t have as much ego as I used to, this is not an issue for me anymore. I see the same thing in Majka as before, what is worth seeing in it. It’s not worth taking my time to see the person I was mad at. Why should I thwart my happiness with something like this? Still, together we made a serious record, I think, musically, it was one of the best records I’ve made, at least I really liked it. After all, you could say it’s a matter of pride for me that he’s taken it so far. I don’t have anything negative about it, really. So many people hurt each other in this business, and now I’m starting to think rock and roll happens when someone is nice. I don’t know what’s in it, and it’s not my job to unpack it, and I have nothing against it. When we talk we talk about simple things. For example, when I hit the sack he looked at me and then mentioned how skinny I was. He said that it was not good, because then they would think that I had no money. I was like, does it matter at all? We laughed, and then that’s it, everyone went about their business. I wish him the best in life, Doubman said calmly.

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