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Going abroad on vacation from the UK can result in a fine of 5,000

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From next week, anyone traveling overseas in the UK will be fined 5,000 5,000 (more than 1 2.1 million), according to a bill tabled in parliament on Thursday. The BBC writes.

In principle, it is currently prohibited to go on holiday or rest abroad from the UK under restrictions that expire on Monday, but from next Monday it will be determined by a separate rule, and offenders will face hefty fines. Only those who can prove that this trip is reasonable for reasons such as work, education, raising children or medical treatment can leave the country.

According to current start-up plans, the British can go private, rest or relax from May 17, but this is still likely to change due to the evolution of vaccines and the epidemic level in Europe.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said strict restrictions were needed to prevent foreigners from entering the country or traveling abroad to prevent new strains from infecting the vaccine program. The opposition Labor Party also supports the government’s plan.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the country not to shake itself under the illusion that other European countries could escape the outbreak of the epidemic. A minister, Lord Bethel, has already suggested that all neighboring European countries be added to the red list of entry rules, but Hancock says the government does not plan to do so.

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Citizens of red-listed countries are not currently allowed to enter the UK without British citizenship or residence permit, but in this case they must be isolated for two weeks. The government is reportedly preparing to reconsider the entry system, with plans to do so in mid-April.

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