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Complete British News World – Koronavrus – The number of infected people is 334 million in the world

2022. Jan 19, 08:20

The world has so far infected 334,005.009 people with coronary heart disease, and the number of hearing victims has reached 5,554,646, according to data Wednesday morning at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, central Europe.

A day before that, 330,491,623 people were registered in the world, the number of hearing victims was 5,545,207.

Infection is present in 192 countries and territories. According to experts, the number of diagnosed cases does not accurately reflect the truth, because the number of tests is somewhat limited in each country, and the registration criteria are also different.

According to official data, Covid-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has the largest number of infections in the United States, with 6,7589830. The number of hearing victims was 853,955.

And in India, 37804,933 injuries and 487,065 hallucinations were recorded.

In Brazil, there are 2,322,9851 cases of infection and 621,803 cases of hearing.

In the UK, 1,501,850 people were infected and 153,017 died of the disease.

In France, 14,284,535 injuries and 128,629 hearing cases were recorded.

In Russia, the number of confirmed infections rose to 10,682,826, and the number of hearing victims rose to 316,168.

So far, the country has recorded 1,0593,687 injuries, according to official figures, 85,077.

In Italy, 90,18425 people were registered, with 141,825 victims.

In Spain, 8,518,975 injuries were recorded and 91,277 cases were heard.

There are 8,222,262 infections and 116085 deaths in Germany.

In Iran, 6,227,849 were infected, and 132,113 died.

Poland has 4,343,130 cases and 102,686 cases in Poland.

In Ukraine, 395,074 injuries were recorded, and, according to official figures, 105,059 people died of coronary heart disease.

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The World Health Organization declared, on March 11, 2020, that coronary artery disease is prevalent in the world.