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Google: Stadia is alive and well

All bad news about Google Stadia’s home is good news – or the other way around. As the range of countries and platforms on which the service is available expanded, the company shut down Stadia Games and Entetrianment and lost its product development leader. Meanwhile, they’re still committed to bringing over a hundred games to Stadia this year, the most recent being Resident Evil: Village.

The situation, which certainly from the outside seems uncertain, raises many questions, some of which are addressed by In his interview Nate Ahern, Marketing Director, replied. Ahearn repeated the number of games we can expect for the platform, which he said are “alive and well,” adding, “I’d like to tell non-believers to note how we continue to stick to our word as we expand Stadia Makers and partner with AAA studios like Capcom, EA, Square Enix, or Ubisoft.” . “

Regarding the outgoing and co-founder of Haven Entertainment Studios, Jade Raymond said he was happy to find new opportunities while announcing that longtime biker Dov Zimring would lead product development in place of John Justice.

Regarding the emergence of Stadia Makers in the foreground, through which they support external partners in development or publishing, Ahearn said: “The aim of the program is to provide [a fejlesztőknek] The stadium as a platform, not to pressure them or make things more difficult. ”The program has already brought five independently developed games to Stadia, and there are twenty more in preparation.