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Google’s Android app keeps shutting down, outrage is massive

You can temporarily clear the error message that pops up every few seconds.

Many owners of Android smartphones and tablets received a nasty surprise on Tuesday morning, after installing the latest version of the Google app released at night, their devices would throw an error message every few seconds saying that the software in question was constantly closing. Although the full screen error message may go away, it will reappear after a few seconds.

Image is for illustration purposes onlySource: Zain Ali / Pexels

It is not clear what devices and how many activists are affected by the issue. Based on personal experience, the problem was with the Android 10 tablet, however, the latest version of the Google app is not crashing on Android 9 Pie and Android 10 phones, the three devices come from different manufacturers. I’m pretty sure complain a lot about it on the Google Play Store product page.

The issue that makes devices virtually impossible to use can only be resolved by Google by fixing the app error, but in the meantime, the error message can be cleared temporarily. To do this, go to the Apps menu in the Settings app, then select the Google app to use the Stop/Disable option to force the headache software to stop. Of course, annoying error messages will continue to appear during the process, and they will have to be deleted aside.

There is a good chance that you will need to manually reactivate the Google app once this error is resolved.

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