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Gossip: The new Splinter Cell episode is finally coming

Today’s most notorious leaker, Tom Henderson, is now reporting that Ubisoft has finally taken the leap in developing the next Splinter Cell game – although we won’t see any of it for a while.

After a nearly ten-year hiatus, Sam Fisher could return to the full Splinter Cell game — which Tom Henderson wrote at least the other day (via VGC), one of the most reliable leaks today. Work has barely started yet, so we definitely won’t see anything from the project for a while. Henderson said the title could be presented in 2022, but the chances are slim.

The last release of the Splinter Cell series was the 2013 Blacklist, which was released for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Although the game didn’t get bad reviews, it no longer performed well at the box office: Ubisoft expected to sell five million units, but only two million came together in the first four months, which means there’s a good chance the target won’t be met. This also explains why the French put the series ashore.

Since then, we’ve only seen Sam Fisher in guest roles, and a VR game is being made about it as well. Plus, on Netflix, we’ll see an animated treat from our favourites.

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