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Great Britain adds new Russians to sanctions list

Britain announced on Tuesday that it had imposed a travel ban and asset freeze on 42 more Russian citizens over Russia’s military occupation of Ukraine.

Recent British sanctions affect the following individuals: Russian Justice Minister Konstantin Suchenko and his deputy, the Kremlin-appointed leaders of Donetsk and Luhansk states in eastern Ukraine (Prime Minister of Donetsk Vitaly Hochenko and First Deputy President of Luhansk Vladyslav Kuznetsov), 29 Russian regional governors, as well as Russian billionaire Alizar Two of Usmano’s sons-in-law were already subject to British sanctions in March.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss
Photo: AFP / Michal Cizek

“Hoshchenko and Kuznetsov were sent from Moscow to carry out the Kremlin’s political orders in the occupied territory, to support Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to illegally annex parts of Ukraine, and to illegally legitimize the Russian military occupation through rigged referendums,” said Britain’s Liz Truss. The Foreign Secretary is a likely successor to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We will take strict punitive measures against those who seek to legitimize Putin’s illegal occupation of Ukraine.

he added.

So far, London has imposed economic sanctions against more than 1,100 Russian citizens and more than a hundred Russian legal entities, ranging from influential Russian businessmen and large companies to well-known politicians.

The British government intends to prosecute two groups of Syrian nationals after consulting with EU officials.

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