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Great Britain claims AstraZeneca is unique to the vaccine

The EU complains that despite millions of vaccines being delivered from the continent to Great Britain in the past few months, almost nothing has gone in the opposite direction. The progress of the vaccination campaign in Great Britain – nearly 29 million vaccines have been carried out, equivalent to 54.4 per cent of the population – supports this estimate at first glance. In this context, the terms of the contract stated by Hancock can be interpreted as a legal ban on exports through the back door.

The British fear that the EU will ban exports

Nevertheless, Great Britain fears an explicit ban on vaccine exports from the EU and is interested in a compromise solution so as not to jeopardize its own vaccine campaign. After all, according to the British government, only a good 2.5 million people received a second degree. This is one million fewer people with full vaccine coverage than in Germany. Hancock warned the EU that imposing export restrictions on vaccines was a “grave mistake”. “I believe that free trade countries follow the law of treaty,” said the Conservative party politician. Hancock stressed that the discussions with the EU on this were “cooperative, pragmatic and cooperative”.

29 million cans are stored in Italy

AstraZeneca was under additional pressure on Wednesday as vaccine quantities were stored in Italy. This is no less than 29 million cans. According to the pharmaceutical company’s response, its 16 million dose is due to be delivered to the EU in the next few weeks; They are awaiting approval through quality control. The remaining 13 million doses should go to the Kovacs effort to bring the vaccine to poorer countries. “The vaccine was manufactured outside the EU and bottled at the Agnani plant,” Astrojeneca said.

Distribution of AstraZeneca vaccines may be further accelerated this month: AstraZeneca has now submitted approval for its new vaccine plant in the Netherlands to the European Pharmaceuticals Company. Health Commissioner Stella Kriakitz said it would now be decided in quick action. If there are no complications as expected, deliveries can be made this month. The plant is operated by sub-contractor Holix.