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Great Britain expands nuclear weapons | Telepolis

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The UK government wants to significantly increase the number of nuclear weapons. The British way of life is threatened

London sends signals promoting arms racing. The British government plans to increase the number of nuclear weapons to “over 260”. It goes from there Currently released security report “Integrated Review” , Which forms the UK’s foreign policy guidelines.

It has been acknowledged on page 76 that they have wanted to dispose of the arsenal over the past decade, but now the situation has changed:

In 2010, the government announced plans to reduce the total cap on nuclear arsenal from a maximum of 225 to a maximum of 180 by mid – 2020. However, as the security environment changes, including the range of technical and theoretical threats, this is no longer possible, and the UK will move to a total of more than 260 warships without nuclear weapons cargo.

Integrated Review

This is the first time British nuclear weapons have been deployed since the Cold War. The Scottish newspaper The National commented Even before the report was officially released. A British submarine armed with nuclear weapons is anchored off the west coast of Scotland, and they are not particularly happy there.

Fifty-six percent in Scotland are opposed to renewing the Trident nuclear program, Which officially – like all nuclear weapons, of course, from the opposite side – acts as a deterrent.

When the Trident submarine was upgraded in 2016, Prime Minister Theresa May said the nuclear threat had grown without being small. Asked if he would use weapons, he answered yes.

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Incumbent Prime Minister Johnson and government officials are now cited with a number of reasons why they believe it is necessary to increase nuclear weapons: the threat to the British way of life from “rogue nations, terrorists and big tech companies (!).” Is becoming The reason is due to Johnson, The terrorist threat has been cited “with Islamic motives or in relation to Northern Ireland”.

The report warns that a terrorist group is likely to carry out a successful chemical, biological or nuclear attack in the next nine years.

Sky News

Called Russia Described as a “very serious threat”, Left and right-wing domestic terrorism also belong to the threatening situation that reflects the changed assessment of the security situation mentioned above. China, the possibility of a new epidemic and the effects of climate change are mentioned.

As expected, China is not classified as an enemy of the military, but at the same time as a business partner and rival, more precisely a “legitimate rival”, whose dictatorial system tolerates democracies that do not match the values ​​of the United Kingdom and other liberals. China’s military development is receiving special attention. Sky News The security statement quotes the following passage:

The significant effects of China’s military modernization and the growing international stability in the Indo – Pacific region and beyond pose a great risk to Great Britain’s interests.

Sky News

Strategic interest in the Indo-Pacific region plays a significant role in the new report. How this will be linked to NATO strategy and efforts to militarily defend the Western way of life of Western allies in general – considering the many polar threat scenarios that include the effects of climate change – will be some more to provide for geopolitical discussions.

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The first sharp reactions to British arms programs are very definite, and they are coming Nuclear disarmament is determined by delegatesProponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online Section 6 of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Clue.

The government’s plans to expand nuclear weapons are in place International campaign for the elimination of nuclear weapons (ICAN) Contrary to the agreement signed by the UK.

“The United Kingdom has a legal obligation to disarm under the Non – Proliferation Treaty. Hence the ICAN report.

(Thomas Bonnie)