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Great Britain helps supply electricity to Ukraine

The British government is supplying Ukraine with high enough power generators to power tens of thousands of homes.

Downing Street announced on Monday that Britain would deliver 500 mobile power generation units to Ukraine. A spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office in London demanded the equipment during recent talks between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky and Ukrainian Ambassador to London Vijim Priestajko, as well as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarteng. According to reports, the British government has set up a special task force with British grid distribution companies to procure and ship generators.

High-capacity power plants can supply electricity to about 20,000 homes, but the primary goal is to supply essential facilities, including hospitals, shelters and water treatment plants, by the Russian attacks. Downing Street announced on Monday that the generators would be supplied by British business suppliers from their own shares.

And most of the equipment is shipped to Ukraine via neighboring countries.

In a statement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed: “The tragic consequences of the grave wrongdoing of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine are being felt every day, and Britain will do all it can to support Ukraine’s resistance to the illegal invasion by providing economic, diplomatic and humanitarian operations and military security equipment.”

This time, the British Prime Minister said that London would provide generators to Ukraine, alleviate the difficulties caused by power outages, enable essential public services and allow the Ukrainian people to continue to protect their country.


Initial image: Victor Simanovich / Anatolian Agency / AFP