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Great Britain is preparing for the funeral of Prince Philippines

Already on Thursday, a small crowd crashed into Windsor Castle, riding the British Army Ornamental Riders that day. Troops were also dragged with them as they prepared for Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday.

Many visitors were already holding flowers along the long walk to the castle, with children under the age of a few looking at the products with a tourist basket in hand.

II. Elizabeth’s husband would not have minded the joyous picnic around her funeral; The Army Green Land Rover Defender has been in development for 16 years.

“When it comes to the prince’s funeral, there will be an unavoidable focus with drama among the younger members of the monarchy. Case in point: Many thought the funeral would be a good opportunity to soften the differences between the brothers when the Duke of Sussex left the royal family, but the planting regime will not allow it in the end, ”said a Windsor Euronews reporter.

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