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Great love for Auster’s husband

Sandor Oszter And his wife spends more and more time together, Blake writes. They spent the summer separately for years, The pianist didn’t even get out of it He said the telecom works great, they spoke on the phone twice a day. Now, however, the dice have been turned, and now the summers are spent together.

“We got closer to each other, our relationship is more intimate and emotional than it has been in recent years. I am in love with my husband again!”

Dononi Filoni told Blake.

After the performance, the Oszter couple returned home to Diósjenő together, and on Sunday evening, they returned to Lake Balaton together.

“Dulex and I are resting well here on the Hungarian Riviera, we just spent the spring here together,” said the actor, who wants to spend more time with his wife. Recently, the whole family watched the actor’s latest performance, in which he starred Košice citizens of sharp color In more than two years, worthy award-winning artist Kossuth and Jászai Mari have taken the stage again. As betrayed by Sándor OszterTheir daughter Szandi is organizing an art camp for children in Diósjenő. “I am helping my daughter and in the meantime I show them the natural beauty of Borzoni. I admit that I can’t stay calm for much.”Happy Auster.

Photo: MTI


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