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Great white shark killed on a beach in South Africa

The most famous white shark of all time approaches protagonist Roy Scheider in Steven Spielberg’s legendary 1975 film The Shark.

Photo: UNIVERSAL – ZANUCK-BROWN / Collection ChristopheL via AFP

A popular beach resort in South Africa has been closed due to a fatal shark attack, MTI wrote in the early afternoon, citing German news agency DPA.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday in Blansenburg Bay on the famous Garden Route in Sanctuary Beach, and the victim was a man who swam several meters into the sea.

It’s certainly not possible to tell exactly what the man shark attacked, but based on a video made by an eyewitness, it seems very likely that it was a great white shark.

As a precaution, authorities closed Sanctuary Beach and surrounding beaches indefinitely.

There are 120 species of sharks in the waters of South Africa, but these animals are relatively rare to attack in the southern tip of Africa.

According to the International Shark Attack Database (ISAF), there have been only 259 shark attacks on humans in South Africa since 1905 without animal provocation, with more than 1,500 such attacks in the United States since 1873.

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