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Green Talk April – Building Biology: Health, Aesthetics, and Sustainability

April 29, 2021 Participation in the webinar is free of charge, but registration is required.


Who, as a professional, does not want a living space that supports the health of users while feeling comfortable and enjoying a pleasant atmosphere. By the way, the coexistence is respected on an ecological and social level as well, while the building is affordable.

How does the rapporteur explain this, Peter Piro, International Building Biologist, General Director of Naturica Group (member of HuGBC), Which is dealt with by a not-so-modern, but lesser-known system in Hungary.

Biology is a discipline spanning more than 40 years, focusing on the full range of interactions between humans and the built environment. The three main pillars are sustainability, health and creating an aesthetic environment.

Building biologists include architects, professional designers, civil engineers, and contractors, but also physicians and naturopaths who work together to cover this vast area.

There are more and more of them all over Europe Future demonstration project, Where special attention is paid not only to environmental protection but also to human health, whether in the choice of building materials or in a particular building technology. In addition to separate homes, office buildings, hotels, kindergartens and schools are also being built with this emphasis.

And what it will be about:

  • What exactly does building biology mean and how does it affect our existing and new buildings?
  • How do you reconcile sustainability with protecting our health in the building? Let’s look at examples, too!
  • How can the “health” of a building be measured?
  • How to create a living space or work area also recommended for building biology?

Participation is free, however to sign up knitted. Webinar is the limit. The number of people is 100.
After 30 minutes of the lecture, brainstorm, debate, and ask questions from the lecturer.

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