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GTA 5 and Mafia Series Publisher will announce a remake or mod version of 3 games

The quarter ended in June, if we look at the fiscal year, as publishers count the year from the beginning of April of each year until the end of March of the following year. So the 2021-2022 first quarter summaries were released this week, so Take-Two has also released amazing stats for GTA 5, for example, and predicted what to expect in the future. One interesting piece of information was that new versions of their 6 games are coming, 3 of which have yet to be announced.

If we take a look for this document, or to cut out the image below, which represents one of the tables, you can see for yourself what it is. The clean streak that comes with the next release of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online will also get a standalone release, and Kerbal Space will finally visit PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, there are 3 other unannounced titles in addition to these games, which It also refers to the new releases of one of the Take-Two games previously in the Store. Whether it’s next-gen updates, remastered or remastered versions, it’s still the music of the future.

Since the Take-Two Stadium is huge, it could be just about anything. On the one hand, it’s been rumored for some time that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will return in some form, as the retro wave from the ’80s still continues, and (remastered) modes for these and other older GTA games have been systematically removed by the big publisher, which is more I’m fishy. At least it’s doubtful that there’s just a copyright issue in the background. But it has been rumored more than once that Red Dead Redemption will return to the new consoles in some form, since it is only available on Xbox in compatibility mode, not on PlayStation 4-5, and even on PC it can only be. I played with emulators, although Part 2 first appeared on PCs. But the surface includes an update to the next genre of Red Dead Redemption 2 and a next-gen version, or even a remake of the BioShock series, like BioShock: The Collection also honored PS4 and Xbox One at the time. We do not continue the line, there are already a lot of options.

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It would also make sense for Take-Two to release a new version or a remastered version because a remake of the first installment of the Mafia series came out last year, and a mini finale of Episode Two also arrived in 2020.