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Guardiola said winning matches is much more difficult than it was 13-14 years ago

The Manchester City boss says everyone imitates the winner, but football isn’t just “copy and paste”.

Josep Guardiola a In an interview with Sky Sports They analyzed the situation in football, and how much preparations had changed in recent years, and in this regard, he said that he faces a more difficult task today when he became Barcelona coach.

“You can’t imagine how hard work is going on behind the scenes, so it’s more difficult to win games now than when I started 13 or 14 years ago.” He began.

However, his results do not indicate this, but he has a lot to say that both Jose Mourinho and Rafael Benitez both recently lost their jobs in the Premier League, and both have had huge successes on the table.

“Younger coaches like Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard, who were players when I became manager, have been incredibly well prepared. They are curious and understand what they are doing. They study the reasons, both in attack and defence. Partly because of the existing facilities, the drones, And wide-angle cameras, databases, and then you can easily make decisions as a manager.”

He analyzed the situation, which changes from year to year, and evolves, and then shows that there are teams that he really likes to watch, because they know what they want, and they’ve been able to make it happen.

“The good thing about the Premier League is that there are five or six different ways to play, and if you do it right, it works. There is no single scheme, teams will even change the system of the game within a match if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.”

However, he is reluctant to admit that Premier League football is also moving in the more mainstream direction with his successes, as the number of long passes has been steadily declining in recent years. Teams prefer patient building over straightforward solutions, while fewer and fewer people try to do so from the outside.

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“It’s all up to the manager. If that manager likes a certain style of play, then his team will play that way too. If there are a lot of these coaches who like a game that is better built when the footballers are close together and pass quickly, then those The teams will play this way.”

“I remember years ago, when teams won the World Cup, whatever their nationality, we analyzed it and said we’ll see it in the coming years. Everyone wants to imitate the winner, but that’s a big mistake. Football doesn’t copy and paste. I can’t copy another manager I like and I can’t join To my team if I don’t know what they’re doing. A manager is successful if he does what he believes in.”

He stressed that this is why he admires coaches who come to see what they expect from the team on the pitch, and then if their performance declines, they will stick to what they believe in, because they are who they will be. successful.

The future of football was also discussed, with he said he hoped technology, knowledge and quality would remain at the fore, and that fitness would not go beyond everything, the amount that goes to the gym.

“My wish is that talent and ability will dictate the future of our football, not managers who say if you want to be a better player go to the gym. Hopefully on the streets of the UK, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, but everywhere else there will be young talents that will emerge. This game is beautiful.”

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