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GVH sued Google

The Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH) has initiated competition supervision proceedings against Google in relation to its so-called lyrics card service. The National Competition Authority is examining whether a California-based company infringes competition among song lyrics publishers by using organic search results, including links to websites, when using its search engine (when searching for songs and lyrics). It puts its own lyrics display service. This is because the lyrics tag, especially for mobile phones, can mask additional search engine rankings, as well as the promotion of Google’s own (YouTube) service.

The competition authority pays particular attention to examining the behavior of large technology companies that affect the interests and standing of a large number of consumers and businesses. At the end of 2019, the GDP was large, 1.2 billion HUF fine To Facebook, fulfilling commitments in the summer of 2018 Stipulated for google. The competition authority is also currently investigating the Rakuten group fiberand operated by ByteDance tik tok Behavior.

The commencement of competition proceedings does not imply that the undertaking has committed the alleged infringement. The procedure aims to clarify the facts and thus establish the alleged violation. The permissible duration of the procedure should be six months, and it can be extended twice, if necessary, with a maximum of six months each.

Google was also fined by the French competition authority the other day, and as a result, the company announced that it would be making globally significant changes:

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