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Gymnast Sarah Voss no longer wants sex, so she will only compete in Body Coats

Although she didn’t break the rule with her, German gymnast Sarah Voss still faced tradition when she competed in a body in Switzerland at the European Arts Championships that covered her whole body. Until now, knights used to wear these coats for religious reasons only.

Sarah Voss qualified for the European Gymnastics Championships in Basel on April 21, 2021.Photo: Fabrice Coffrini / AFP

Voss said he hopes other gymnasts will follow in their footsteps, who have so far felt uncomfortable with their bodies leaving their legs free. In an interview with ZDF, he explained that as a child, he wasn’t bothered by the tight breech clothes, but since his teens and menstruation started, more and more. Instagram sharing He also wrote that in this way he can be elegant in racing at the same time, yet feel comfortable in the process.

The German Arts Gymnastics Federation supported Voss’s decision and said that the other gymnasts, Elizabeth Seitz and Kim Boy, would also compete in such a group. This is how the association talks about the sexualization of competitors and hopes to make it easier to prevent sexual harassment as well. We also wrote about the documentary about harassment issues of American gymnasts “Although we knew that there were sexual harassers among us, we endured helplessness.” In our article. (CNN)

The independent Hungarian press did not face such a difficult task that it faced during the pandemic.

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Despite the obstacles placed before us on the number 444, we can show how the epidemic is spreading in Hungary and in the world.

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