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György Korda and Klári Balázs: ‘We know there’s a problem’

The famous couple will do their best to meet their audience in peace.

The famous couple will do their best to meet their audience in peace.

György Korda and Klári Balázs feel they are in a fortunate position, because despite the outbreak of the fourth wave of the epidemic, they can take their actions without interruption. The celebrity couple said they are doing their best to meet their fans in peace to the city.

“We know there is a problem”

“As soon as possible, we took the third vaccine right away. We follow the epidemic, we see the numbers and we know that something is wrong. It is said that the fourth wave may peak in December. We are in the fortunate position that none of our gigs has been canceled yet, but of course we are careful All we can do is set an example and, if necessary, give the fourth vaccine. We are convinced that this can only be avoided by vaccination!” – György Korda started in Metropol, and is very happy that their work can still be carried out in accordance with the epidemiological regulations.

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Be careful at concerts

Uncle Gyuri and his charming wife Klárika still love to entertain the audience from the stage, and of course the audience loves them. The performers always care to be a good example to their fans. “Everywhere we go with a mask on, we take it off on stage. We try to be an example, the experience that most people care about in our opinion,” added the famous singer.

Party yeah, don’t hug

The Korda-Baláz couple works hard, answering all invitations. Everyone on stage gets the usual standard from them, but not everything is the same.

“We turned around among tens of thousands of people, the performance did not change anything. Sometimes we leave the pictures and there is no hug, but we will do our best to allow the artist and the audience to meet in peace- Uncle Gyuri explained.

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