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Haas does not pay and even demands compensation from Uralkali


Thursday, April 14, 2022, 3:34 pm


There is an argument between the American stability company and the Russian company over the sponsorship money: Haas is not willing to return the 12 million euros in advance, and is even demanding 8 million euros from the previous sponsor.

Uralkali, led by Dmitriy Mazepin, issued a statement in March after Haas terminated its contract with its main sponsor that most of the sponsorship amount owed for the 2022 season had been paid in advance, Therefore, they demand an immediate refundOtherwise, they will take legal action.

Uralkali is requesting a €12m refund from Haas, but the team has no plans to convert it. A contract letter states: “According to the same opinion of attorneys and case studies, a party terminating an agreement on the grounds of breach of contract by the other party is not obligated to compensate that party for the amount it has already received under the agreement. Therefore, a claim Uralkali with a refund of the €12 million that has already been paid is baseless and we reject it,” Has sent to Uralkali.

The termination of the contract was based on a clause allowing for withdrawal if the reputation of Haas was damaged by the sponsor. The letter also alleges that the contract was terminated due to EU sanctions imposed on two Mazepins – although these penalties were not in effect at the time of termination.

Not only has Haas refused to pay, but the team is also demanding €8 million in compensation: they claim that they were denied this profit due to the early withdrawal from the contract. The team set a few days to pay the compensation. If the money does not arrive, they will not deliver the 2021 car from Nikita Mazepin – which will also be due to the Russian under the terminated contract.

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Uralkali and Mazepin representatives have not officially commented on the news, but according to sources, the Russian side finds it absurd and shocking that Haas wants to keep the advance payment without any consideration and is scattering money from Russia – and even more so he asks – but he can’t Bear the Russians in the team.

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