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Half of the adults have already been vaccinated in the UK

Hancock said in a post on Twitter that more people had been vaccinated in the 24 hours than ever before in the UK vaccination campaign, which began on December 8. The Minister did not measure the latest vaccination data. However, the British Bureau of Statistics (ONS) estimates that there are currently about 52.7 million adults in the UK, so Hancock’s Saturday announcement may have reached 26.35 million, the number of first vaccines ever issued.

The Department of Health announced the previous day that 660,276 vaccines had been delivered nationwide in the previous 24 hours, including the first and second doses – so Matt Hancock’s announcement on Saturday threw this record down the previous day.

The UK government aims to make the first dose of corona virus vaccine available to all members over the age of 50 by the end of July.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said this week in April that although fewer vaccines will arrive in the UK than the vast majority of vaccines have yet been delivered, vaccination targets will still be met by a set deadline. The health minister said in a video on Twitter that the vaccine had provided a way to get rid of the infection, adding that half of the UK population had already been vaccinated against the corona virus. That’s why Hancock asked anyone receiving notification from the NHS to visit the nearest vaccination center.

The epidemic has subsided

In the UK, corona virus infection is declining with all recent activity. The UK Bureau of Statistics’ latest estimate, based on a comprehensive population-based screening, puts the current number of people with corona virus infections in the UK at 160,200. This means that one in every 340 people is infected, which means that about 0.29 percent of people have the corona virus in their body.

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A month ago the ONS calculation system may have had 481,300 victims in the UK. According to a study at the time, 0.88 per cent of the English population was infected with a corona virus at the time, which now accounts for less than a third of the active population infection rate in the UK a month ago.

According to the latest estimates of the British Government’s Standard Scientific Advisory Committee (SAGE), the fertility rate R averages 0.6 to 0.9 in the UK. Since last week it was still 0.8, the upper rating level is very low, but both peaks of the rating group are still below the critical level 1. The new estimate shows that ten people transmit the corona virus infection to an average of 6-9 people, which means that the rate of infection spread is also reduced by this measure.

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