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Halo Infinite battle pass system changed

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode launched on the Xbox’s 20th birthday, and while the launch, which came as a surprise, was a huge success, the battle pass advance to support the free game didn’t impress players. Fans of the series have already expressed their opinion in the early test rounds that it is not a good idea to tie the season ticket settlement to the various challenges.

The game in its current form does not link the level of the Battle Pass to the matches we are playing or our performance in them. We have to deal with challenges associated with different weapons, vehicles or game modes which, in addition to slowing the progression, often you would expect players to be completely counterproductive. For example, anyone who can advance with their passes only after three opponents have been ejected from their vehicles is almost guaranteed not to deal with defending their team’s flag during a CTF match.

Fortunately 343 Industries also realized that the system was quite backward, so they decided to convert (and speed up) the level of the battle pass. Although we have to wait a while for the complete transformation, on Twitter However, according to the published promises, the team will eliminate the most problematic requirements and set challenges that will give them an experience point after playing a single match. In addition, developers have only doubled the duration of XP boosts to half an hour so far.