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Hamburgers and pizza have been piling up in the cupboard for years — and none of them go bad

This is how a dietician explains the foods we bring into our bodies.

The dietitian collects food in a cupboard that never spoils.

One Elif Kandemir Upload a “group” video of his mother, who is a nutritionist:

Drawers have kept burgers, pizza, french fries, chips, gum and cakes for years.

These so-called foods, which have undergone a variety of processes and are rich in additives, are rich in sodium, salt, sugar and fats. The publication also reveals that 80% of the UK population consumes such fast food and sweets on a daily basis.

As part of the fight against obesity, Candemir’s mother collects foods that never deteriorate and makes them available to the public, suggesting that by consuming/eliminating such foods more often, we can do a lot for our health and fight overweight more effectively. The video was viewed more than 3.4 million times a week on TikTok.

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The record was released today on Twitter Also, as one commenter wrote that once he cleaned up his son’s room, he found a backpack with a taco inside, which turned out to be in the bag for 3 years. The Mexican food was tough, but its shape and color didn’t change and wasn’t moldy at all – the commentator wrote that he hasn’t eaten tacos since.

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