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Hamilton defends women’s tennis star Naomi Osaka – ‘Mental health is no joke’

Osaka can call herself a four-time Grand Slam champion, having won the Australian Open twice and the US Open twice. After winning his first match at the recently opened French Open, Osaka was fined $15,000 for refusing to stand up to the media.

The organizers essentially threatened to disqualify him from the tournament if he continued to act in a similar manner. On Monday, a day after winning his first match, Osaka finally dropped out of the league, saying he had struggled with depression multiple times since his first Grand Slam title in 2018.

Seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton also shared his thoughts on Osaka’s decline on social media, adding the words, “Mental health is no joke, it’s a real and dangerous thing.”

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“It takes a lot of courage. Let’s make sure Naomi knows she is not alone. Today is a good day to ask our friends and loved ones how they feel and let them know that they are not alone.”

In recent years there has been a growing focus on mental health across various sports, and this is no different in F1. In the Formula 1 circuit, for example, McLaren and mental health charity Mind have also drawn attention to the problem, with Lando Norris at the center of the conversations.

In response to Osaka’s resignation, incidentally, a statement was later released stating that changes would be made to better protect players.

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