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Hamilton made fun of Mercedes banners even before he became a child

I think from Mercedes that they will lead the two World Championship points after the unfortunate Imola race. Even Lewis Hamilton’s role stunned us before the accident.

According to Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes started the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix from first place, but after round 31, the CMV World Championship team may not score aggregate points in the Imola race. After the start, the seven-time world champion was pushed out and his first wing was damaged, then slipped close to the ground and was only able to continue the race with a heavy loss of time. Andrew Scheuflin leads our competition, but he showed the picture.

Hamilton runs beneath the left-hand book sheet – GalleriaForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Bryn Lennon

Lewis competed for two parts. The front was defined by the first wing of shit, after Max’s roasting [Verstappen autjval], The situation improved a little when the bottom of the vglap was completely torn off, but the nmi sororter gy was also pulled out and the balance disappeared. We were a little surprised because Lewis was able to get to the Max Theater with intermediate tires, “said Shovelin.

According to the expert, the slippery medium tires were replaced at that time. But heating the tires was harder for them than Red Bull. This added that Hamilton had to try after changing the wheel, but Shovelin said he would have had a hard time against Verstappen because the boxing streak that kills, which was the same length, did not have time to stop at the front wing.

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Hamilton also had a good time in the rain, but the streak of boxes after the boxing killing was “a humble little Tallinn”. “I’m just a human too. These mistakes go away, but I wonder if I can get back into the race, take down the others and go back to second place.”

Shovelin said the team repaired Hamilton’s car under the red flag. And “the last stage was knowing what he was capable of. Lewis excelled and was quick to be the fastest.” According to the British expert, he was mainly bothered by the cold and found many areas where others could develop their streak.

Starting moments

Hamilton’s ordeal swept the Valtteri Bottas Club, making Toto Wolf “tough in the first 30” on the Finnish mace, then crashing into George Russell’s car and striking the defense at high speed. With the circumstances of the case kln cikknkben We are dealing with But in Hamilton’s view, the big box came at just the right time, because the team was able to fix the help and get the team back.

It was due to an accident in the first place [krnknt] We lost twenty seconds of air power at Lewis. Then he went to the wall on round 31, but the start was a 10 out of 10, really a genius – Wolf with enthusiasm. – Due to the circumstances it is difficult to fill in the events of the day, but we had a very good time in the rain and on the ground. We are slowly starting to discover this, but based on our data, our assistance and resources are not always at Red Bull-Honda’s level. “

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