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Hamilton may not start in Canada

According to Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton’s start in the next race has become questionable.

Seven times world champion in Azerbaijan I have suffered a lot from watching dolphins. The recoil caused severe pain in the British pilot’s back. The stars were already hoping a few races ago that they’d been able to eradicate this phenomenon, but they didn’t want to let go of the Silver Arrows.

Although everyone but Red Bull has this problem, the dolphin game is the most exciting for Mercedes and Ferrari.

After the race, the Austrian team boss apologized to Hamilton and admitted that starting the race had become questionable.

“There is definitely a risk of not being able to start in Canada. We can see that it no longer just attacks the muscles. It also affects the spine, which can have serious consequences. She is very sick. We simply need to find a solution to this. Maybe it is ( Hamilton) is currently the hardest hit by the race. I understand the pilots when they say something has to happen for this phenomenon not to happen, but I can’t tell what it could be.” – It is to explain wolf.

When asked if the team’s reserve riders would be on standby, the Austrian team captain replied:

“I don’t think this problem only affects Lewis. He probably suffers the most from it, but George (Russell) and many others are complaining about it. Perhaps the solution is to have one reserve at each race so we can ensure we have both cars in the races” .

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Hamilton gritted his teeth to compete:

After his fall, the seven-time world champion barely managed to get out of his car. When he felt better, he told the media what he went through during the race:

“I competed with teeth clenched due to pain. Only adrenaline helped. I can’t describe how much pain I felt in the lines. I prayed and it was over. We were in good shape today, 3rd and 4th is a great result for the team. They did a good job with the strategy. Once To get rid of the dolphins, we can be there again at first. We lose more than a second to bouncing. Tomorrow I will go to the factory where we will continue discussions moving forward.” – He said Hamilton.

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