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Hamilton was also punished for the Grand Duchess of Sao Paul

Lewis Hamilton was also punished after the Grand Duke of São Paulo, although this time his “reward” did not go unnoticed.

Lewis Hamilton collected a third of the previous offenders to replace the engine and irregular cooling wings in the Grand Duke of São Paulo, although it was the only penalty of all that did not provoke him at all. Stewards called up the seven-time world champion after the race, who was stopped by a security guard, but in the end they only got paid.

In light of this, it can be seen that Hamilton’s head is far from ordinary, which would not be possible with increased safety.Furres: Anadolu Agency via Anadolu Agency / 2021 Anadolu / Stringer

The onboard camera in front of Hamilton shows that the Mercedes fuse triggered the six-point safety bar in Senna’s plane after crossing the line, and he began to wave to the crowd.

However, International Sportkdex breached the relevant point, which was placed under the supervision of supervisors, then fined 5,000 thousand euros, and another 20,000 euros suspended until 2022.

It is interesting to note that Max Verstappen is 50 thousand euros got brsgot Because of the cheese fist and Hamilton’s car, ie exactly as many times as rivlisa for closed security.

“Driver of starting number 44 turns off the safety check at the end of the race. Although the stewards understand the desire to party, it is fundamentally unsafe to turn off the safety while the car is in motion – you can read the stewards’ reasoning. – In these cars the slow pace is fast Very also for the unoccupied rider, Formula 1 pilots are used to competing in the Novice class, and it is critical that the Novice class rider understands the safety equipment in the car at all times.”

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Hamilton’s camera on board right after the raceFurres: F1 TV

Similar cases have happened in the past, and Charles Leclerc competed twice in the Grand Duchy of Spain for the year 2020 E security is not enabledHowever, he did not receive any money. For this reason, it can be assumed that Hamilton did so only because he was vetted because someone (possibly Red Bull) brought it to the attention of the moderators, who had no choice but to investigate the allegations.