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Hand-controlled Polish Constitutional Court was revealed

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2022-07-07 19:13:00

For several days, a leaked email has kept Polish public life in a state of fever, the disclosure of which is likely to cause a world-famous scandal in the West and will have serious personal consequences.

However, the Polish issue has not yet reached the stimulus threshold of the international media. The said letter does not constitute a sensational revelation, it only confirms what can be guessed so far, that the far-right government exerts illegitimate influence on the Constitutional Court, which is independent by law.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki dated January 7, 2019, Michel Dorchik, Chief of the Prime Minister’s Office, wrote that he had visited “Julia B.” And he discussed three issues with her. It is clear from the context that it is about Julia Przylbska, President of the Constitutional Court, because the topics listed were decisions of authorized bodies. In the letter, in parentheses, behind the cases cited were amounts that show how much the government’s unfavorable judgment would cost the budget.

Jacob Jarajewski, research coordinator for the Berlin-based Democracy Reporting (DRI), which promotes democracy promotion, explained in our research paper. According to a rule of law expert, the situation is worse than previously assumed.

Jaraczewski said.

According to the opposition, this scandal also made clear the seriousness of the problems with Polish democracy. The right-wing Civic Platform (PP) filed a complaint in this regard. Grzegorz Schetyna, a representative of the party, believes that the leaked letter reflects the position of the ruling far-right Law and Justice (PiS) party towards the Constitutional Court and the judiciary. The opposition politician said: “They believe that judges and courts should wait on the phone and pick up the phone and follow orders.”

The President of the Constitutional Court, Julia Przylbska, claims that she has never spoken to anyone outside the official framework about the rulings and decisions made by the body. The government and the Law and Justice party avoid the topic, saying Russia is behind the scandal.

On Wednesday, the prime minister rebuked journalists who deal with email, saying they were falling into the trap of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Morawiecki said.

Dworczyk’s email account was hacked by unknown people last year. Since then, messages from there have been leaked regularly, causing embarrassment to PiS, some of which have been verified by those involved. The far-right government party claims that there are fake messages among the messages released to the public, but they refuse to specify which messages are authentic.

An expert from the DRI in Berlin told N├ępszava that he is 90% sure that the latest leaked message is genuine. According to Jaraczewski

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