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Handball: I declare myself healed – Tímea Tóth

At Tímea Tóth in early 2021 They were diagnosed with breast cancerFortunately, the new year began with good news: the former shooter of the Hungarian national team announced on his Facebook page that he had received his last chemotherapy on December 14 and, although he was going to have surgery, he announced his recovery.

Tímea Tóth’s healing announcement (Photo: Balázs Keresztesi)

The public Facebook post of Ferencváros and ex-Hungarian national team striker Ferencváros, a regular Sport Television expert, can be read on Thursday below:

Dear everyone!

First of all, BUÉK for everyone!

I’m a little lost, but I feel like it’s time to write to you….

I summed up the last year and realized several things…

On February 22nd it turned out I had a combination in my chest….on December 14th I had my last chemotherapy and was able to ring that bell in the hallway! I cried, my love was with me there and all the way, which was much easier.

I have traveled a long and bumpy journey, in which it was all, pain, fear, frustration, sadness, anger, anger, malaise, weakness, understanding, love, acceptance and a lot of work on my own…

I would like to thank everyone for their support, love and professional work!!! I am grateful to everyone! I wouldn’t single out anyone other than my husband and family because I’m sure to miss someone! Thanks and thanks for everything!

I hereby declare myself healed! Of course I’m going to have surgery and I’ll be on treatment for 5 years, and I’ll have control tests that I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life, but I’ll do my best so my life doesn’t revolve around disease. ..

So if you might not see it on TV no problem, you don’t have to think badly, I’m fine! (They work at the end of January….)

I’m still bald now because we cut it between two holidays to get beautiful, healthy, properly growing hair.

What I want to let you know, I’m fine and I will live my life in this visualization in the future too! I evolve and go on my way! I’m proud of myself for the way I’ve been doing this for 10 months….I learned a lot from her, especially about myself and of course what’s really important in life…

Thank you for being with me and for being with me!

Love and hugs to all!