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Has Naughty Dog Ditched DLC?

a Obedient dog Released last summer (after several postponements) Playstation 4– Plans may have changed regarding his exclusive game.

Jason Schreyer, Bloomberg writer, said MinnMax Show-N. He referred to Naughty Dog’s projects as their next major game comes out of pre-production and pre-development. It is also said that many of them are doing a multiplayer thing that is rumored to be happening We have lasted the second part Multiplayer, it will be in Faction Mode, while others will be redirected to the specified T1X. We know this better than the new PlayStation 5 edition of The Last of Us … we’ve reported that before.

On the other hand, Sinister says there is currently no talk of expanding the base game, but he believes Naughty Dog is DLCBut in the end this didn’t happen (maybe because the studio couldn’t develop two big games at once, so that’s what the news was about). I don’t know the state this downloadable content was in when it was developed, but Schreier says they can still do something later. Although The Last of Us also had larger narrative DLC content (Left Behind) that year.

A Bloomberg reporter added that Naughty Dog still has plenty of room to change his mind, but time might be running out because the base game has been around for nearly a year now, and usually after a year of creating a AAA single-player offline you don’t usually get DLCs. Anyway, last September Neil DruckmanDirector of The Last of Us Part II, Prof. On Twitter He thanked the fans for their support as they inspired Naughty Dog for the positivity and love they showed, then added that it would be better to be patient with the “second thing” because he deserves it.

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Well, that could have been finally clipped by Naughty Dog, who is probably working on his first remake of The Last of Us, and it’s hard to explain yet (because what’s the point of that after all?).

Source: GamesRadar