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Hawaii could lose Britain with lightning speed

According to a weekend report in the British press, there could be a turning point in the British approach to Huawei Technologies’ 5G network deployment, which is fundamentally favorable to China. Although the Johnson cabinet allowed the Chinese to participate in tenders for suppliers for radio access layer on local 5G networks, with restrictions based on a related secret service study earlier this year, the organization is now working on a new document that will pull the carpet completely off Hawaii’s foot in the UK for a year.

According to leaked reports, the British position changed after the US imposed further sanctions on the Huawei brand in May. It is not just about severing ties between suppliers and China’s many partners. Therefore, the United States banned Chinese companies from producing components for the Chinese using American technology. With this, Hawaii, among other things, will be able to connect its semiconductor key partner DSMC in Taiwan.

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Revised Report of the Communications Intelligence Service, a subdivision of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) at the National Center for Cyber ​​Security (NCSC) Underlines the potential impact of sanctions on Hawaii as a strategic supplier. Anonymous sources, who are well aware of the agency’s upcoming report, said the Chinese manufacturer could be hit hardest by the new restrictions, which could call into question the company’s long – term future, a key concept in a strategic infrastructure investment plan such as telecommunications networks.

At the same time, local newspapers point out that the strongest domestic and foreign policy tensions in the Johnson cabinet over the past few months may have been the cause, and that the Prime Minister eventually had to step back first to maintain good relations between London. And Washington. From the end of spring.

In early June, NCSC approached local operators working with Hawaii, and it was highly questionable whether Hawaii could advise purchasing some larger-than-usual network components or, if necessary, deliver them. The organization also points out that in the future, Chinese manufacturers may not be able to deliver some significant improvements in infrastructure due to sanctions.

Meanwhile, in France, one of the largest EU markets, a local man for ANSSI, a local cyber security firm, said in an interview this weekend that there would be no comprehensive ban on Hawaiian equipment in the country, but strongly advises operators not to buy from the Chinese to do so. In France, two of the four mobile operators, Boise Telecom and SFR, use Hawaii equipment – they can use Chinese technology on their network for a limited time (three to eight years).

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