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He also won the competition as a bartender – today, everyone knows him as a presenter – a Hungarian star

Levente Harsani In 1996 and 1997, the show hosted Asphalt Betyár on TV3, and a year later it debuted on Radio 1 with Telefonbetyár. In both 2001 and 2002, he was named Best Radio Host.

We’ve seen it on television in countless shows over the past two decades, and surprisingly enough, he testified on Breking on Life TV on weekday evenings that he graduated from the hospitality industry, tasted bartender, and was even a master bartender.

Levente Harsani also won the competition as a waiter

Levente Harsányi worked as a waiter for nine years after his years as a vocational high school in the catering industry and was successful.

Graduated in the catering industry at Caroli Gondale, and also won a National Service competition. I decided to switch because in hospitality you have to go on holidays and weekends, day and night, you have to go to work, you have to drink, you have to deal with people. awesome! He joked, “I thought you’d be a big one” On Tuesday night broadcast The 51-year-old star, who said he’s in a similar position as a presenter except doesn’t serve food.

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The transformation came along, and he also hosted a morning show on Radio Roxy, Radio Digai, Radio 1 and Petofi Radio. We’ve seen it on TV as host of shows called Legend, The Song or Lake Balaton, since 2016 he’s been captain of the Greens on Duna TV Hungary, I love you! On his test. Hosted gambling show in Luxor on Hungarian TV, and has been a regular presenter on SzerencseSaturd for many years.


He also has a paper on his career in the media, and considered it important to complete a meaningful school so that he would not be spoken to.

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“I say, I even go to college, lest it happen when I’m done, and as a famous broadcaster, I’m pointing my finger at,” Well, he’s got no paper! “Now, in fact, I’m almost the one who owns it.

The original profession of Hungarian stars

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