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He can go to a labor camp for fifteen years to smuggle K-pop to North Korea

According to him, if they do not act against the cultural influences of South Korea, their country will collapse.

South Korean music, movies, and cultural products in general have penetrated the souls of North Koreans, and this Kim Jong-un threatens to lose the country. According to the head of state, K-pop, for example, resembles a particularly vicious cancer, so he has declared a cultural struggle against South Korean cultural influence, The New York Times.

The article writes about the smuggling networks operating in North Korea to bring movies, music, and soap operas into the country, and from these, North Korean youths learned that almost nothing of what the state’s propaganda spread applies to South Korea. While Kim Jongun’s propaganda machine, for example, forces everyone in their neighborhood to beg, the smuggled creations revealed that southerners are not only starving, but trying to lose weight through diets particularly sensitive to starving North Koreans. Yes, but since last December, such content has been banned by law, and anyone who views or possesses it and gets arrested will go to a labor camp for five to fifteen years. But it also appears to be a two-year labor camp speaking, writing or singing in a South Korean style. Families caught using the South Korean speaking style can be expelled from their place of residence.

Kim Jongun has also publicly called perverted women who don’t talk to their dating partner with the expected “companion” title, but with the title “oppa” used in South Korean TV series. Kim Jongun has not always been very strict about Western cultural influences, one might get Disney cartoons, foreign concerts, films and TV shows presented on domestic television, but after the breakdown of relations between North Korea and the United States in 2019, it has not America economic sanctions imposed on the United States. North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has announced that it will be self-sufficient so as not to be dependent on foreign trade. The current cultural conflict is also linked to this self-sufficiency: North Korea does not want a southern influence, especially since it has a negative impact on the younger generation’s perception of the Kim dynasty. Deprivation, with depictions of Western prosperity, is a dangerous combination that can end in social disobedience.

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According to North Korea, South Korean influences threaten government propaganda

It crumbles like a wet wall.

Thus, northerners are expected to report when they become aware of the consumption of such content among their acquaintances, but according to reports from the country, this does not really work, and “unclean” content continues to proliferate.